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Address Bar or Toolbar Missing

If your address bar and toolbar are missing from internet explorer and you need to hover over them to have them appear then it sounds like you have your screen on full screen. To fix this press F11 this will toggle the full screen option on and off.


If you still have no toolbar at the bottom of your screen then there are a couple of options to fix it

  • Hover over where the toolbar should be and if it opens then you have it on auto-hide, right click on an empty space on the toolbar, click on properties and on the taskbar tab take the tick out of the auto-hide option.
  • If you hover over the toolbar and it still does not appear then you may have dragged the toolbar too far down or into the wrong position. If you move the mouse over where the toolbar should be you should see a double arrow ↕. As soon as you see the double arrows then you need to click the left mouse button and drag the toolbar back to where you want it to be and then release the mouse button.
  • In any instance of fixing the toolbar if you right click it once you have restored it in place put a tick in "lock the toolbar" and this will prevent you moving it by accident again.