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Internet Explorer Background and Font Problems

If you are having trouble with internet explorer not showing background colours properly and your fonts and hyperlinks are large size and the wrong colour, then you might be unaware that you have turned on and are using the "high contrast" option.


To repair this problem you need to follow the steps below

  • The first step to repairing this problem is to reset to your default theme first. Right click on your "desktop" and choose properties, then choose the themes tab and use the dropdown box next to the themes and select "Windows XP" then hit apply.
  • The second step it to turn "high contrast" off. Go to your "control panel" and select "accessibility options" then select the "display" tab. Tick the tick out of the "use high contrast" checkbox and hit apply. Your screen will now reset and all background colours and font stability should return immediately. If they do not return immediately then reboot and try again.