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Bluetooth Internet Setup on Your Laptop/Notebook Using Your Mobile Phone

In this article we show how to quickly configure your Bluetooth adapter enabled computer or laptop to access the internet through a Bluetooth mobile phone and GPRS while you are on the move. You can use any normal file transfer Bluetooth adapter available for about £10 to £15.


This tutorial will show you how to use your Bluetooth GPRS mobile as a modem to access the internet on the go! In this example I'm using a computer running Windows XP Home Edition, a Targus USB Bluetooth dongle, and a Samsung phone. Some screens in your PC may be slightly different, but the idea is roughly the same. We assume your device is already paired. If not, do it first, then come back and setup the dial-up internet feature. Also make sure GPRS/Wap is enabled on your phone click here for settings.


Double click "My Bluetooth Places" to open the box like the one below. Then click "View devices in range"

Your devices should now show in the window (if they don't then make sure you have your bluetooth turned on in your mobile phone) then pair the device. Now click on "Discover services"

Your services should now be open in the windows. Double click the dial up networking icon for the mobile phone you want to use to connect to the internet.

The connect window should now open. Insert the username and password and dial up number given by your phone provider (this instance it is O2 pay and go) other mobile operator settings are here

You should now see a dialing in box.

Your connection should now be established and are now able to browse the internet from your computer. From now on you will have a permanent connection in your "My Network" places to the bluetooth device. Go to "My Network" places and then click view connections. Your connection will be the bluetooth modem one. For easier access you can right click and create shortcut and send the shortcut to the desktop to access whenever you need it.

* Next parts are for O2 pay and go sim cards only ** for other network settings click here

O2's default APN uses a private IP address range, so proxy settings need to be entered to connect to the internet. If you are connecting through payandgo 02 mobile then you will use your free 1MB allowance automatically before being charged for any amount over this. Curently priced at £3 per 1MB. To establish the connection to these services in O2 once the connection has been set then go to internet options in control panel and select the connections tab.

You should now have a bluetooth connection in your dial-up box if you have followed all the steps above correctly. Make sure there is a dot in never dial a connection if you connect to the internet by LAN or put a dot in "Always dial my default connection" if you another dialup account to access the internet usually. Hi-light the bluetooth dial-up connection and select settings.

The settings box should now be open. Put a tick in "Automatically detect settings" and a tick in "Proxy server" and enter address and port 8080 then click ok. You should now be able to access most pages on the internet, (you cannot access non o2 pop emails using this service, you can however forward any emails to a free yahoo account where you can access any emails and download attachments)