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Delete files and folders to reclaim disk space on your hard drive

In order to reclaim some space on a windows hard drives delete any unwanted files and folders from you My Documents as this folder usually holds downloads and saved files only.


The full contents of the following folders can be deleted. To delete the contents navigate to both folders and delete the contents of the folder, including files and folders reclaiming a considerable amount of space on your hard drive.






Download free Ccleaner and use the uninstall program feature to remove any unwanted software before running the cleaner to delete all temporary and unwanted files. These processes should give you a lot more free space on your hard drive if you are running low.



NOTE ** Take care not to delete or touch the following folders by mistake as these include files that your operating system will use to update windows in the future.


C:\windows\ServicePackFiles or C:\windows\$hf_mig$