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How to install and use a Playstation 2 EYETOY as a PC Webcam


Firstly flip your EyeToy over and look at the bottom of the stand, you will need to check the Sony Part ID, so you can use the appropriate Product ID code for the drivers.


Download the appropriate drivers (D-Link DSB-C310) for your EyeToy either depending on what model number you find.







Installation WINXP/2K


Download the correct drivers for your EyeToy from above and extract them to your desktop then plug your EyeToy into your USB port



The new hardware installation wizard will popup on the screen



Select the (Advanced) option then click next



Select "Search for the best driver in these locations"  Check Include this location in the search: click browse and point it to the desktop where you extracted the files to. Windows will go off searching for your drivers



If successful it will change to this screen and continue the installation



You will be presented with a prompt screen, select "Continue Anyway"



Next a small box full of gibberish will popup on your screen press "OK"



You will now be looking at the configuration screen for the drivers



Answer Yes to this screen (unless you think you know better) Installation is now complete and you are now able to delete the downloaded files from your desktop.



Good Luck and Enjoy the Eye Toy as a Web Cam