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File Extensions Turning On and Off

How do I show file extensions in Windows?


By default, file extensions for known file types are hidden in Windows. However, you can change this setting so that file extensions are shown for files in a certain folder or for all files on your hard disk.


To show file extensions, first open any folder on your hard drive, such as "My Documents" Then select "Tools" and then "Folder Options"


When the Folder Options window opens, click the View tab. This will show the file and folder view settings.


Windows Folder Options View Tab


Scroll down to the option "Hide extensions for known file types" Uncheck the box and click Apply. This setting is system wide, so unchecking this box will make file extensions appear for all files and is very important for file converting etc.


If you decide to hide file extensions at a later time, you repeat the above process and check the box this time and hit apply.