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How to get Free Digital TV

The government has decided the analogue television signal will be turned off around the country TV region by TV region between 2008 and 2012. However, the sooner you go digital, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of all the digital TV and radio channels available on the digital satellite platform. Confirm before making your selection with a company how your service is repaired in the event of a breakdown of service or equipment malfunction. Below are a few of the options available.

  • Easiest and free option is if you are buying a new television then buy one with Digital TV or Freesat built in.
  • Freeview Box Digital TV Official Site
    A freeview box can be purchased for less than £20 from most electrical stores or supermarkets and has no monthly fee for the basic service. You might however need your aerial upgraded if your signal from your outside aerial is very poor. This is when to take advantage of no quibble refunds from shops so you can try the box out first and return if not suitable.
    • Guarantee and repair - Your freeview box comes with at least 1 year guarantee and can be returned or repaired for free, there is no guarantee on your outside aerial.
    • Equipment needed - Digital box and standard
  • VirginMedia Free Digital TV Official Site
    If you are a VirginMedia customer then you are entitled to the basic VirginMedia TV package free and you will not need an aerial upgrade as you receive your digital channels through your cable. No monthly fee either as it is included with your phone line rental.
    • Guarantee and repair - While a customer of VirginMedia you are entitled to have any of their supplied equipment repaired free of charge, whether the TV service is free or not.
    • Equipment needed - VirginMedia TV box, viewing card, VirginMedia phone line and cable installled.
  • Sky FREESAT Digital TV Official Site
    If you have a Sky dish and box you can receive free digital satellite TV. Your satellite dish and box can be used to receive FREESAT from Sky. If you are currently a subscriber and only wish to receive FREESAT channels then you can cancel your subscription with Sky and keep your current viewing card and continue to receive most of the FREESAT channels. However, to receive all the free channels you will need to purchase a £20 one-off payment viewing card from Sky. If you do not have a sky dish installed then you will be charged a one of installation fee. If you are a current customer using Sky+ then you will still need to pay a £10/month fee for just the freesat service. This has to be clearly arranged through customer service that you want the FreeSat/Sky+ option (free broadband will not be included as the Sky+ option is not classed as a subscription service)
    • Guarantee and repair - I would suggest insurance cover on your Sky equipment as they do not offer a free repair service.
    • Equipment needed - Sky box, freeview viewing card and satellite dish
  • Freesat from BBC/ITV Official Site
    You can buy a Freesat box in-store or online at most Major retailers. After a one-off payment, it’s free forever. It’s really easy to get started – if you already have a satellite dish in place then it is a case of plug and play. If you need a satellite dish installed your approved retailer will arrange this for you. Freesat is broadcast via satellite so it’s available to almost every home in the UK.
    • Guarantee and repair - Your Freesat box will come with a manufacturers 1 year guarantee at least.
    • Equipment needed - Freesat box and satellite dish