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How To Make .ico Icon Files from jpg, jpeg, bmp and gif Files

Download this FREE program Irfanview and install it. This program will make Icons for you.


Right click any picture you have on your computer that you want to make into an icon and select "open with" choose the program Irfanview that you just downloaded and installed. The file will now be open for you and you now select the image tab and resize the image to 16x16 pixels for small icons and 32x32 for larger icons these are the default sizes for icons. Once you have resized the picture then go to file, save as and type in the name you want to save the icon as, then drop down the save type option under it and choose .ICO (this is the icon file extension). Then click save and save the icon to your desktop where you will be able to see the actual icon file displaying.


The icon can now be used to replace any icon on Windows or as a favicon for websites. I recommend you make a folder in "My Documents" called icons and save any you make there.


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