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How to convert .avi. divx. mpeg. mpg. dat. asf. wmv. asf. rm. rmvb files to .mp4 for Video iPod or Mobile Phone
















Introduction to the iPod Video Conversion Guide


This guide has all software and instructions needed to convert .avi, .divx, .mpeg, .mpg, .dat, .asf, .wmv, .asf, .rm, .rmvb, files to .mp4 files for Video iPods


The software converts any of these video file extensions...


AVI Files (*.avi;*.divx) - MPEG Files (*.mpeg;*.mpg) - VCD/SVCD/DVD Movie Files (*.dat;*.vob) - Windows Media Files (*.wmv;*.asf) - Real Media Files (*.rm;*.rmvb)




Recommended Download Files


Free K-Lite Codec Pack - This is freeware (just download and install - if you get an error saying "This source file cannot be opened" then you have codecs missing and will need this software)

Free VLC Media Player - This is freeware (just download and install - you may need a video player to preview your files)

Free iPod Video Converter - This is freeware (download then follow the instructions below)


I recommend that you disable any screen savers, virus scanner, spyware scanner, updaters etc. before encoding long videos to speed up the process.



How to use the iPod Video Converter


This software is very easy to use. All you do is Add Files you want to convert, Edit Task will allow you to change settings for a selected video file, Convert will begin the conversion, Help will open a help file, Live Update checks for updated versions.



Input Video Settings


When the settings window pops up, the first thing you will receive is nothing more than information on your source file(s). You can see in the picture it will give you the Duration, Resolution and Audio details of your source file under Video File Information. You can click Cancel if you accidentally selected this file and start again, or click the button beside the Input File field to select another input file.


When you are ready, click Next.




Output Video Settings


The settings on this window will let us determine the quality and size of the files you will be creating. Output File will allow you to choose a path to save your .mp4 file. It will be automatically set to the same directory as your source file, with the same filename except it will have an .mp4 extension. Video Size is next. Your best option will be 320x240 for iPod compatibility reasons.


The video quality slidebar lets you choose between a set of 8 pre-set bitrates, move the video quality slider to 768kb/s (recommended). The audio quality slide-bar lets you choose again between 8 pre-set bitrates, move the slider to 128kb/s (recommended). You can experiment with video and audio quality but these recommended setting have very good quality playback on your iPod.


When you are ready, click Next.




ID3 Tag Editor Settings (optional)


Adding ID3 tags to your video will ensure that your iPod will name the video correctly. Of course, you can change ID3 tags in iTunes, but you can do it now as it only takes seconds.


The available tags are Title, Author, Genre and Copyright, put in whatever you want for these.


When you are done click OK.




Last Minute Editing (optional)


After you are finished with video output settings, the main program interface will have changed slightly. Now your Track List will be populated and the Video Information window will have some useful info for you. When you select a file, it will show you the length of the file and the predicted output file size.


You will notice too that now the Remove and Edit Task buttons work when you have items selected. If you select a track and click Edit Task (either in the buttons or in the Information window) it will take you to the Settings again, right at the start with the Input information.


Before it's time to convert make sure you have the right settings for your files.




Starting the Conversion


Starting the conversion couldn't be easier, just click the Convert button.




The Conversion Process


The time the conversion takes depends on the length and number of files. By default, a Preview is shown but I recommend that you stop the preview by clicking the arrow on the right of the Preview Window bar. This will cut down the time the process takes.


The Hide to Tray button will minimize the conversion to the system tray so you can continue working with the pc (although I don't recommend you use too many resource while encoding). You can also Pause or Cancel the conversion any time.

The Shut down computer automatically after conversion option is there if you have finished with your pc.


When the conversions are complete, the program will offer to open the output folder for you to view the output files before uploading them to your iPod. You should check to make sure that they came out in good enough quality (remember that you will be watching these files on a tiny iPod screen and the quality will be much clearer) also check if the audio and video are in sync.


When you are happy that the files are fine, use iTunes to transfer them to your iPod.




How to use iTunes to Add Video .mp4 Files to your iPod


(File, Import, select the video you want, then click Videos in iTunes and drag the video to your iPod).