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My name is Jacqueline Stewart and I and a single mum from Glasgow in Scotland.


I started building this site a few years ago when I had extra time on my hand as a full time single parent and I was continually helping people fix their computers. I have been interested in computers for over 20 years and started as a teenager at school on an old basic Sinclair ZX Spectrum. When I left school I started a computer course learning basic computer skills and word processing. I bought a desktop system in 1999 and this was when I first experienced the internet with it's good points as well as and bad points. I then decided to top up on my computer skills and again completed courses in internet, email, office applications, communications and pc building and repairs. I have continued improving on those skills with hands on experience of computer repairs of both hardware and software.


I was constantly looking for software, drivers, fixes and help sites and was faced with many sites full of useless expensive software, so I decided to design my own site with links to programs people actually can afford and would want to use. There are too many home computers running the risk of virus infections, spyware, trojans and fake popups because owners don't have active protection, I have listed a page that will solve computer problems for free. Even this site was originally designed, hosted and uploaded for free too.