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John Donnachie

01/10/1961 - 13/06/2006

John Donnachie

John grew up alongside his 4 cousins June, Mary, Jackie and Sandra and looked upon them as his sisters, John would often vet or in some cases scare off any young boys that showed the slightest interest in the girls. It was much later in his life he met his sister Jennifer.


In 1978 John met Gina at a B & Q Christmas party in the County Inn in Cambuslang; they fell in love straight away despite John’s dancing technique. They were inseparable then as Gina feels they still are today.


In 1982 they were married. John then became part of a bigger family; he was a much loved son in-law of Susan & Archie and brother in-law of David & Sandra. It was then David & Archie introduced John to the wonderful world of betting, John loved his little flutter’s and never gave up hope on winning.


In 1988 he became a dad to his lovely daughter Angela, he was so proud of his baby, one of his proudest moments was when Angela got her acceptance into Nursing Training, a few days before John passed away it was Angela’s prom, he has gone to heaven with the memory of seeing the beautiful young woman Angela has become. Angela has so many of John’s characteristics he will continue to live on in her.


John became ill in February 2003 at the age of 41, he fought a long, long battle with cancer, he showed courage, strength and great determination through major surgery, Radiotherapy and in his last two months of his life Chemotherapy, he never complained his nurses say “he was a pleasure to have as a patient”, they fell in love with him and he with them.


For the past year Gina has cared for John in their home and she say’s he made this fun even on the darkest days John would give humour a place, he would cuddle Gina and tell her it was going to be OK.


John suffered intense pain with dignity but eventually he had to give in and place himself in Gods care, Heaven will be a much brighter place having John in it.


He is so sorely missed by everyone, he touched so many people in his lifetime without ever realising he had done so.

Rest in peace John………………….God Bless