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Kservice/Kontiki errors and slow internet connection uninstall

If anyone has installed either the BBC iplayer, sky anytime or 4od, and is having slow internet connection or kservice errors then read then this will help solve your problem.


Kservice.exe is automatically added to your startup when you have installed BBC iplayer, sky anytime or 4od. This service is used for p2p services and uses up a proportion of your bandwith and can slow your internet connection drastically and is known to cause many errors on scsreen. It cannot be disabled unless you uninstall the program which uses it and ever after uninstalling the program it can be left behind.


Its ok for people using high bandwith internet connections but if you have a slower connections and/or capped amounts of data the I would recommend to uninstall BBC iplayer, sky anytime or 4od and then download the program Kclean.exe and run it to fully remove Kservice from your system and you should notice an increase in speed straight away and also the kservice errors should stop immediately.