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Free Nectar Card With Lost Key Return Protection Included For Free

Get lost keys back for free with a Nectar Keyring What's the deal?


Nectar card holders can sign up for a free keyring which has a freepost address written on it; so that if you lose your keys and some kind soul posts them to this address, Nectar will send them back to you free of charge. This means you get a level of protection for your keys and you don't have to include your personal details to get them back.


Other companies do sell this service, sometimes for up to £20, but this way you don't pay anything.


How can I get the keyring?


If you're a Nectar member, sign into the the Nectar website. Then select 'Your Account', then look at the left hand menu, you'll see "Request new key tag" at the bottom left. Alternatively, call the Nectar helpline and request one.


If you're not a member, then you can sign-up for free here and they'll send you a card with your welcome pack. It's worth signing up just for this as it is a free service.