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How to Change Your Virgin Media/Ntl/Telewest Blueyonder IP Address Using Your Router

It is easy to change you IP address if you have a router and modem. Don't use those anonymous IP, Change IP, IPCONFIG or anything of that kind of software. It does not work. You have to do it at the hardware level. This is particularly handy if your IP address has been blocked on a site and you want access again.

Follow these steps:

  • Log into your router (mine is a Linksys and to gain access type and password admin) and go to status page and write down your IP address for future reference
  • Go to setup and change the DHCP lease time to 1 minute and then save settings.
  • Go to setup and click "Manual Internet Connection Setup"
  • Go to Mac Address clone and click enable and then just change any of the values there. Don't over do it, if it states, F3, then change it to F5 and then save your settings (Note that the IP address and the Mac address are interlinked. You cannot change the IP without changing the Mac
  • Go to status and you will notice that your IP is now and now save and close the routers settings page.
  • Turn off both your router, modem and computer. Wait for 10 seconds, and turn it on in the order modem wait 10 seconds, then router wait 10 seconds and then your computer.
  • Now log into your router again and go to status. Now compare the IP address you have written down and the New IP. You should now have a different IP address

You can do this again, over and over again to change your IP address when needed.