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Spam Filtering Problems and Missing Emails With Virgin Email

Virgin Media are automatically filtering SPAM and deleting after 30 days in your SPAM folder. If you use an email client such as live mail, windows mail, outlook express or outlook then you will need to manually log into your email account online at least once every 30 days and check your SPAM folder that is on the left hand column under the more option.


This problem arose when Virgin Media transferred their mail client to Google Mail and lost the option to manually change SPAM settings. This means you could having missing emails that you expect to receive because they regard the sender as SPAM. If you come across an email you DO NOT regard as SPAM when you log into your emails online then mark the email as NOT SPAM and it will automatically move to your inbox.



You will also notice that by default all your emails are still stored on your new Google Mail setup and this may lead in the future to your mailbox being full. If you DO NOT wish to keep a copy of all your emails on the server then you need to manually change the settings by manually logging into your email account online then go to setting in the top left, then choose "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, go down to POP Download (this is the section that deals with opening mail using outlook express etc.), now enable "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)" and lastly choose the option "When messages are accessed with POP"  and select "Delete Virgin Media Mail's copy"



Note * You have to change options for each email account you have by signing in individually.