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550 Permission Denied Error In Webspace Upload Virgin Media/Ntl/Telewest Blueyonder

Are you having problems uploading your website to your webspace and receiving a 550 permission denied error. The error should not affect you logging into your webspace and viewing the files, it only affects modifying or uploading new files. If you are having this problem then this is a common for Virgin Media/Ntl/Telewest Blueyonder websapce and they are aware of the problem with some customers and needs to be fixed by customer service.


Call 151 free from your landline phone and explain the problem you are having by telling them you have a webspace problem that you can access the files on your webspace and your password and username are correct but the permission on the websapce is set to read only as you cannot modify any files. The permission has to be changed to allow you to write to the webspace folder as it is set on read only at the moment. Customer service may try and fob you off but be persistent and tell them it is an issue at their end and is a common problem they have been aware of for a considerable length of time. Even ask them to try modifying or deleting a file in your webspace to prove the problem is with the permissions on their side. Explaining to the advisor will save you a few lengthy phone calls where they try changing password, username, disabling firewall etc. that have no affect.


When calling if they cannot fix the problem while you are on the phone then ask to speak to a team leader. If you have no joy then ask for a ticket number and for it to be escalated to main technical support and it means on calling back to enquire again you do not have to continually repeat the details of the problem.


Good luck but remember and be persistent as the first person you usually speak to at Virgin Media customer service is usually not aware technically of problems and reads from a basic checklist.