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Office Convert Files - Compatibility Pack


Have you received a Microsoft Office document that you are struggling to open? This is probably caused by one of 2 reasons

  1. If you have checked and have you have an older version of Microsoft Office (Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003) then you will not be able to open newer Word 2007 docs (.docx .docm .dotx .dotm), Excel 2007 docs (.xlsx .xlsm .xltx .xltm .xlsb .xlam), PowerPoiint 2007 docs (.pptx .pptm .potx .potm .ppam .ppsx .ppsm .sldx .sldm .thmx). You can still open these files by simply installing the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. Once installed it will automatically open the files for you in conversion mode. The file opened with the converter can then be saved as a previous office version by using the save file as option and choosing from the drop down menu your office version from the list if required.
  2. Use this option if you do not have Microsoft Office installed, you will know this if you cannot find Word or Excel on your system or if the system has an out of date trial version of office. You can download Libre Office Free which will work as a basic Office substitute as Microsoft Office package is not free.