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Powerpoint to DVD

Are you looking to convert you PowerPoint to be able to play on a standard DVD player. There is no easy option to convert and burn the files in 1 step but there is a 100% free option that uses 3 pieces of software to convert to mpeg, convert mpeg to vob and then burn the files.

You will be able to convert any type of PowerPoint file i.e. ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx files to dvd by following the steps below.

  • This step is important turn off you virus protection before converting as it really slows down the process and try to not use the computer while files are converting for a speedier rate.
  • Download the 3 pieces of software and install them, DO NOT install any paid for version the FREE versions are adequate for what you need. E.M. Free PowerPoint Video Converter, SUPER Converter and AShampoo Burning Software
  • Run E.M. PowerPoint Converter and follow the tutorial to add your PowerPoint file and then choose MPG as the format you want to convert your video too. Save the converted file to your desktop for ease of finding it for the next process and do not change any of the default settings so any audio is also recorded for you. Converting may take a while so be patient.
  • Now run SUPER Converter and choose "DVD standard compliant VOB" as the output container and leave everything else as the defaults. Drag the file you made from the conversion in step 3 into the box in the software, select desktop for where to save the folder and choose a name for the project and then select encode. This part will create a folder on the desktop containing the files you need to make the DVD. Again this step may take a while so be patient.
  • Now run Ashampoo burning software or use your own burning software if it is capable of burning DVD file (VOB). On opening AShampoo choose "Burn Movie" then choose "Burn a DVD from a Prepared Folder" from here you then choose the folder you just created in step 4 which will contain the required Video_ts folder needed for burning the DVD. Insert the blank DVD when asked to and your DVD should burn successfully and play on your standard DVD player.