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Printer and Printing Problems Fix

If you are trying to print pages from Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, firefox and lots of other programs and the printed page is missing pictures and colours. The first thing to is the setting on your computer.


Go to internet options > advanced tab > scroll down to printing > put a tick in "Print background colours and images"

If this does not fix the program then check your ink levels on your printer are not too low and change your cartridges and also make sure your ink jets are not blocked by running a print test page and run your cleaner utility that comes standard with printing software.


Some Epson printers have an ink pad that gets over saturated after cleaning too many times and the printer shows a manufacturer error due to the pad needing replaced and the counter reset. This problem can be fixed using free Epson's printer fixer utility, where the printer's counter is reset to zero and the pad can usually just be left untouched. If the printing page is being streaked with ink then blot the pad usually found on the right hand side of the printer under the ink jets with some kitchen towel to absorb some of the ink. You can also buy a new pad to replace the saturated one if you still have streaking on the print page.