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Protect Your Children Online Free Software

Download the software now - K9 Web Protection Software

I personally use this award winning free software and recommend it. Do you know what your children are doing online? I have tried other software before and they over-block too many safe sites online but this one works.


Every family with children accessing the Internet should have some form of effective URL filtering, parental control, content filter or site blocking. You can protect your kids and any other member of the family from accessing Internet content you don't want in your home. Nothing will protect your kids better than you supervising what your kids do online but it really isn't enough on it's own. It is your responsibility to KNOW what they are doing.


I know a lot of parents say "I trust my child", the internet is not about trusting your child it is about trusting their choices are appropriate for their age and making sure YOU know who they are talking to or what sites they are visiting. Think of K9 as a "guide dog" and part "watch dog", keeping those in your care safe. With K9, YOU can decide what is OK to visit, and what isn't. That makes the big difference when you're trying to provide a safe environment for children. K9 makes it easier to let your children explore and learn on the Internet, while you do what you can to keep them safe. The Internet is a fascinating place, full of rich and interesting information. But as a gigantic virtual community, it has "good" "questionable" and "downright bad". Please do not blind to the dangers it poses, they are very real.


Reasons to have the software.

  • Did you know that there are roughly 30,000 new pornography links created every day? And something like 5000 new pornography web sites registered daily? This will block them.
  • Did you know 17% of parents know their children have an online profile yet nearly 50% of children actually do have one and this is continually increasing.
  • This software allows you to block or allow any site and is password protected so children or even other adults cannot bypass the site. The program has a time setting to block access to the internet at times you believe your children are asleep when they are actually online chatting.
  • Did you know it is estimated that nearly 20% of internet users including children are addicted to the internet (yes internet addiction is real) that is 1 in 5 children who have already developed an addiction and this is on the increase. Chatting online, playing video games and visiting sexually oriented Web sites could provide opportunities for children to observe, experience and try something that would normally be out of character for them. The internet is a faceless, fearless world of being anonymous. See if you child may have a potential addiction by doing the Parent-Child Internet Addiction Test
  • Do you know the average messenger list for children has over 200 contacts that they class as friends. We were also children and it is impossible to have 200 close friends. It is well know that children have competitions to see who can have the most friends on their lists. The facts about messengers and social networking sites is children do arrange to meet people, they do gossip and bully, they do give out personal information and they do add photos of themselves or fake photos so their profile looks more appealing.
  • Only 14% of parents know their child's username and password. Every parent (no matter who much the child declares their privacy rights) should know all your child's usernames and passwords and should check regularly what is being posted online.

Download the software now with nothing to lose and to protect your children. Yes you will certainly be met with disagreement from your children but this just shows they WANT to hide their activity from you.

You can find out more about K9 Web Protection by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.