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Protect Your Computer For Free and Trojan Removal!

Protecting your computer doesn't have to be an ongoing expense these days. There is more than enough quality protection available for free if you know where to find it. Choose one anti-virus program and one firewall. Then take any other number of privacy and anti-spyware/trojan programs as your computer system can handle.


The first thing to protect your computer better is to update to a more secure browser try Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

Free Anti-Virus Software (install one only)

Virus protection software is a must for anyone using the internet, USB memory, emails, floppy disks or cdroms. (**Note - Only one virus protection software must be installed on one system at a time and if a virus is found always delete and do not try to repair or quarantine) Viruses come in many different forms and usually mask itself as an .exe file. Most people are fooled into clicking on the file when attached to an email. There is no need to purchase expensive virus protection as the free versions fair very well if not better than paid for versions and have auto updating, real time scanning and virus file deletion.


Free Firewall Software (install one only)

Firewall software is simply a method of protecting your computer and prevents unwanted intruders. Windows is installed with a free firewall but if you want some extra protection choose one to install below. Hackers randomly search the Internet for vulnerable PC’s. Any computer that is online can be hacked at any time. As more and more people are turning to broadband where computer are connected 24/7 then these attacks are increasing and these users are the most vulnerable. Do not think that because you do not use a credit card or store personal information on your pc that you don't need a firewall, hackers compromise your PC with viruses, worms, or spyware that tracks your internet use, and reports it back to someone to be sold for marketing purposes.


Free Anti-Spyware Software (install as many as you like)

If you have popups in your system tray beside the clock telling you that your computer is infected then do not download the software it is an advert to get you to pay for software and the popup itself is the infection. They claim to heal the files and delete them but once you download their software and run the scanner it tells you what files it has found but will only remove them once you pay for the software. Below are the most popular free removers that will clear up the problem of the popups for you. You can download and install as few or as many as you like on the same system as some find different intrusions.


Free Privacy Protection Software

Remove temporary and unwanted files from your system to protect your privacy as well as speed up your system and recover disk space.


Free Online Virus Spyware Scans (only use if you cannot install virus protection)

An online virus protection is only needed if you cannot install virus protection permanently on your system.


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