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Recycle, Re-Use and Protect the Environment

This is a list of easy ways to save you money as well as protect the environment in the process that anyone can do. We will all be forced to do this soon enough so you might as well start taking steps now.



  • Only print a webpage or email if you really need to and if you do shrink it to the smallest size possible. Keeping a copy on your hard drive is the best way to refer back to the page by using the File>Save As option on your menu. This will save you money, paper and ink cartridges.
  • Recycle your old mobile phones. This can be done by earning extra money using a site to compare the best price you can get for your old phone or donate the phone to charity. *Note-If your phone is in really good condition with all accessories you may be more trying to sell on eBay*
  • Use your provided recycling bins at home to be collected at the kerbside. Most major supermarkets have recycling bins for many items instead of putting into your usual household rubbish if you don't have kerbside collection. Don't make a special trip, collect the items at home and drop them off before a shopping trip to save fuel. There are usually specific bins for glass, metal cans, plastics and papers, clothes, shoes and bags.
  • Use your local freecycle network to free advertise and give away unwanted items to people in your area that collect from your home. You can also post for wanted items. (someone's rubbish could be someone else's treasure)
  • Most charity shops on the high street will take any bric-a-brac you have lying around and will sell it on to help the needy.
  • For used books sell anything you have read on Green Metropolis and receive £3.00 per book. Do not buy new books always try your local library first or buy 2nd hand from Green Metropolis at £3.75.
  • Digital cameras are great for holiday pictures. Use rechargeable batteries and once home save the pics to your computer and only print off what you want to frame. Photographic paper is expensive and very costly to print on.
  • Change to low energy light bulbs. I know the light is difficult to get used to but I guarantee you after a short length of time you will get used to them and will be saving money as well as not needing to change them for years at a time. On a positive note it doesn't blind you in the middle of the night when you switch a light on as they take time to warm up.
  • Hand old magazines into your doctors surgery or dentist waiting room.
  • Stop junk mail coming through your door by contacting the mailing preference service to remove your address. Also put a simple label on you letterbox stating no junk mail or advertising leaflets. You may still receive some but even one less will be a step in the right direction.