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Replace CMOS Battery (clock losing time or resetting)

Is you laptop of PC continually losing time or you clock resetting at every startup? If it is then it is likely you need to replace the CMOS battery on your motherboard.


This battery is usually a CR2032 or a CR2025 but may differ from motherboard to motherboard. The battery should last about 5 years but computers that are seldom used tend to need the battery replaced more frequently. The battery is there to keep the clock running when the power is off on your computer. Not replacing the battery can result in your BIOS resetting and also you may get a security warning pop-up saying there is a problem with the sites security certificate or the internet security certificate has expired or is not yet valid.


To replace the battery in a pc is very simple. All you need to do is open the tower and look for the coin shaped battery and pop it out and replace it with a new one that you can buy from most supermarkets and electrical retailers cheaply.

In a laptop it is a little more difficult, there should be removable covers on the underside of the laptop and again you are looking for the coin shaped battery. If the battery is not viewable by removing the covers on the underside of the laptop then you will probably need to remove the keyboard to access the battery. I suggest you take it to a local computer repair shop if you don't know what you are doing and they will replace it cheaply and prevent damage to the laptop.


CR2032 CR2025