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How to Log On to Password Protected Pc or Reset Windows XP/WINXP Password - Emergency Boot Disc

If you are met with a log on box every time you try to start your PC then all is not lost. If you have purchased a 2nd hand PC and don't know the password, lost, forget or someone just changes your password to log into Windows XP then try this step to reset or change the password for any users. Try step 1. first and if this doesn't work then try step 2. which is much more complicated

  • While the computer is booting up you rapidly tap F8 before windows loads and pick Safe Mode then you can log in as administrator and change the passwords for any users by going to run and typing in control userpasswords2 and from there you can reset the passwords by hi-lighting the name and choosing reset password. If this does not work try the next step which is a bit more complicated but is 100% effective
  • There is also a boot disc you can download and burn with instructions on how to reset all the passwords on all user accounts on Windows XP. It is more complicated than step 1. but is extremely effective. You will need to download the emergency boot disk utility then create the EBCD by running the makeebcd.exe file, then burn it to a cdrom, then follow the instructions in the file, or use the instructions below.

    Once the CD has been burnt follow these steps.
    Restart PC with Emergency Boot CD in your CD drive.
    Boot to CDrom
    Choose option 5 when asked
    Press “enter” at “scsi drivers”
    Press “enter” at “n” for skip scsi drives
    Press “enter” at “dev/dha2”
    Press “enter” at “system 32/config”
    Press “enter” at “system security”
    At “What to do?” Press option 1 then press “enter”
    Enter the username to change (i.e. administrator or whatever name you want the password removed for) then press “enter” again,
    At “enter new password” enter a * so it will now be blank, at “Do you really want to change password” (Y) then hit “enter”, select ! to quit after changes press ! then “enter” ((Follow the same process for all passwords))
    At “What to do?” press q and hit “enter”
    At “Write hive files” press (Y) the hit “enter”
    At “About to write files back” press (Y) then hit “enter”
    You are now finished.
    Remove CD and restart you pc