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Yahoo Mail Forwarded FREE to Your Email Program

It is possible to get Yahoo Mail delivered for FREE to your email program. Without subscribing to their premium email service. Use the settings and instructions below.


You can still always choose to log in to your Yahoo! Mail account to send and receive messages.


Server Settings


Incoming Mail Server - pop.mail.yahoo.com (Tick Use SSL, port: 995)

Outgoing Mail Server - smtp.mail.yahoo.com (Tick Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication)

Account Username - Your Yahoo! Mail username ( you may need to add your mail extension @ymail.com etc.)


Email address - Your Yahoo! Mail email address ( always include the mail extension i.e. @ymail.com etc.)


Password - Your Yahoo! Mail password


Also tick the box my server requires authentication under the outgoing mail server option


*If you get a message when try to receive mail stating "the certificate's CN name does not match the passed value" then make sure you are not using the pop server pop.mail.co.uk and smtp.mail.co.uk. If you are then change them to pop.mail.yahoo.com and smtp.mail.yahoo.com and the security box should not appear again.*